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About Trusted Magazine

A journey of a thousand steps begins with a simple click.

The ambition of Trusted Magazine is to provide decision-makers, executives and managers with a platform for reflection, opinions and concrete and relevant analyses. At the strategic, operational or personal productivity level, we structure our articles and those of our contributors around facts, experiences and learning with high added value. The articles on our platform are designed to help decision making and to share managerial and transformational news on topics related to: Transformation, Management, HR, Customer Experience, Agility, Leadership, Change, ....


Our mission is to inform and advise our readers on the challenges they face within their companies and organisations, with an objective to contributing to operational, organizational, strategic, individual or collective performance. 


The editorial board of Trusted Magazine consists of experts and advisors from the Media division of Trusted Advisors. "Trusted Magazine" is a registered trademark of Trusted Advisors and any use of it without written permission will be subject to legal action by our legal department.


More information about the Trusted Advisors Group:


Main contacts: 

  • Media: Mme Christine Laruelle

  • CEO/Execs: Mr Cyril Awere & Mr Farid Yandouz 


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